Aubrey Miles shares 5 questions to yourself when your plantita life starts stressing you out

When actress and “plantita” Aubrey Miles started collecting plants, the experience was filled with worries and panic.

But Miles have long passed that stage, thanks to her experience through the years which she spoke about on her Instagram post today, Oct. 21.

“I used to stress myself out on plants more than I would enjoy them,” Miles admitted. “Though I think it’s pretty normal to worry about plants. I would say with experience I’ve learned to stay calm and collected.”

“The first [two] years were my rumble years with plants,” she recalled. “The more I panicked, the more bad [decisions] were made (that applies to anything).”

Miles questioned herself on what she did wrong and where she should improve on.

“I had to step back and remember why I even started collecting. Plants give me happiness and a stress-free life. Nobody’s perfect in taking care of plants but we should be more happy than stressed,” she explained. “If you’re more problematic than happy then you’re probably doing something wrong. Go back and restart.”

aubrey miles plants ig
Aubrey Miles. Image: Instagram/milesaubrey

She offered plant lovers some questions to help themselves re-align should they also start being more stressed out than relaxed.

“What got you into plants?”

“What was your intention?”

“What does it do for you?”

“Does it help you in your everyday life?”

“Do plants die on you more than they thrive on you?”

For Miles, planting is a never-ending process of learning. She advises plant lovers to keep this in mind should their plant collection hobby turns out to be more difficult than expected.

“Plants teach us how to be patient, responsible, kind and all that,” she said. “Live and learn, keep planting and everything will be alright. My Variegated black cardinal is loving the rain and heat.” JB



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